What golfers are
saying about UnderPar

I love playing Carlton Oaks, and I love paying your prices. Keep up the good work. Brian Simpson, Handicap 14
Great golf. Great prices. What more could I ask for? Thanks UnderPar. Jennifer Johnson
Only thing better than low prices is low scores. I wish you could help me with that. Steve Richardson, Handicap 16
I enjoy saving money. I love playing golf. It’s a win-win. David Singh, Handicap 12
I just want to say your email notification service is great. I actually look forward to receiving your emails. You saved me over $50 on my next round. You really have it together over there. Great business. I mean cheaper golf, just such a beautiful thing. Scott McBride, Handicap 14
Who doesn’t want to save money? Chad Cunningham, Handicap 15
Saving money playing golf is like saving bogey for me. It’s always a nice surprise. Kyle Brown
My son told me about your website, and I think you have actually found a way to make golf more addictive. I couldn’t be happier doing business with you. I’ve been wanting to play the Stadium for years and I never thought I would get to play there at that price. I hope to be a customer of yours for a very long time. Ricardo Martinez, Handicap 19
Because of you I get out twice as often! Way to go guys! Sarah Cole, Handicap 21
Easy to use. Affordable prices. Please make a 3 wood! Kevin Hung, Handicap 16
I hit your site more than I hit the fairway, but I still enjoy a good 18. And at your prices, I enjoy it even more. Matteo Esposito, Handicap 25
Impressed with everything. Can’t say a bad word about my experience. Ordering from your company was a pleasure. I love how the Green Ticket is used just like cash, makes everything so simple. And the prices… wow! I told all my friends about your company. I wish you great success. Thanks again. Michelle Michelle Cherlin, Handicap 20
I can’t believe I just played Journey at Pechanga for that price. What a beautiful course, challenging, clean, definitely one of the best courses I’ve ever played. Love the clubhouse as well. Everything about my experience was fantastic. Using the Green Ticket was just as easy as you said it would be. I will definitely be buying from your company again. Michael Park, Handicap 19